FORLOH Puff Embroidered Mesh Deep Cover Camo Hat Front
FORLOH Puff Embroidered Mesh Deep Cover Camo Hat Side Angle
FORLOH Puff Embroidered Mesh Exposed Camo Hat

Puff Embroidered Camo Mesh Cap


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Packed with Crypsis Technology™, our Camo Mesh Cap is exclusively treated with Polyigene Stay Fresh™ and OdorCrunch™, to help avoid detection visually and via scent. Ensure you stay undetected from head to toe with the only cap on the market with matching camo mesh. Available in both FORLOH’s Deep Cover and Exposed camos.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Scent Control System on all Fabric Paneling
  • Combined Polyigene anti-microbial and OdorCrunch fabric additive blocking the origins of stink; providing invisibility 
  • Trizar certified Space Technology built into the fabric, reflects the suns heat from the cap, providing a  thermal neutral experience
  • High wicking and breathability

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