Duty Free to all our Canadian Neighbours

Save up to 18%

Being 100% Made in America means huge savings on all Canadian Orders

Welcome to Forloh! The ONLY hunting, fishing and technical outdoor apparel completely Made in America. At Forloh we make world-class outdoor gear with hunting and fishing technologies added so you can use Forloh on pretty much any adventure.

The headquarters is based just 60 miles south of the Canada-USA border in Whitefish, MT. Gear is available to purchase here on our website, in our flagship store in Whitefish or, as of Summer 2021, at our new Austin, Texas location.

Take advantage of the ONLY technical hunting apparel completely made in the USA and SAVE

The United States Canada Mexico Agreement (USMCA) replaces the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on July 1, 2020.

The CUSMA/USCMA agreement removed import duty into Canada on American made products like Forloh’s. Now you can buy world-class technical hunting and fishing apparel with an effective discount of 16%-18% over non-North American manufactured products.

Forloh represents the best value outdoor apparel for Canadians, all backed by a lifetime guarantee.