Our Technologies

At FORLOH we are reinventing what it means to make technical apparel and turning the industry upside down. Instead of partnering with a single technology provider, FORLOH is partnering with multiple technology providers across different industries to bring you technologies never before seen in technical outdoor apparel. In some cases we're building our fabrics from scratch, building our own technologies, all made in America.



Personalized Comfort

Powered by a revolutionary microventing pulse plasma technology, Airadigm instantly repels water and wind from the outside but also releases body heat and sweat from the inside. You stay dry and balanced regardless of your activity level or the environmental conditions.

activ-dri™ down

Activ-dri™ down delivers dry warmth and comfort.

Activ-dri™ down reduces moisture absorption by up to 60% compared to untreated down. This fluorine-free and bluesign® system does not add weight, odor, or have an adverse effect on fill power. Ideal for keeping you dry in variable, rugged conditions and overnight excursions when you also need quick drying capability.

Activ-dri™ down stays lightweight, breathable and warm.



FORLOH perf-weld™

Thermo-regulation for down mid-layers.

FORLOH’s Perf-Weld™ ensures exceptional breathability through micro-perforations in the Sonic Weld construction. Perf-Weld™ lets excess heat out when physical demands at task cause body temperature to rise, keeping your body temperature neutral, comfortable and drier, all day long.



Polygiene® Stay Fresh Technology

Inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Polygiene® Stay Fresh Technology. Clothes, footwear and gear stay fresh and last longer. The active ingredient is based on natural silver chloride from recycled silver, it is designed to prevent detectable body odor.

Polygiene is bluesign® approved and helps you stay fresh when you’re being active outside.

Polygiene’s odor-free performance lasts the lifetime of the product.

Wear More. Wash Less. Stay Fresh. Odor Free

Polygiene Odor Crunch©

Polygiene Odor Crunch© consists of silica, modified with a unique catalyst that breaks down odor-molecules which makes odor disappear. Odor molecules stick to the modified particles in Odor Crunch© material. Once absorbed, the catalytic process begins cracking and breaking down these molecules into carbon dioxide and water, eliminating odors permanently.

Keeping you and your clothes free from all types of odor.


brrr° Pro

Brrr© Pro amplifies the three unique and proven cooling effects of brrr°. By enhancing each individual fiber, the proven TripleChill Effect is intensified and creates enhanced athletic performance. Core benefits include enhanced cooling fibers, hyper wicking for enhanced comfort and performance drying for an increased fresh experience. Other features of brr Pro include UPF 50+ protection, cool feeling against the skin and machine washable.



The science of managing heat.

Smart Solutions for Thermal Comfort

Traditional ‘passive’ approaches to keeping warm involve layers of clothing to trap heat your body produces. Trizar™ technology is optimized to capture your body heat and regulate temperature, keeping you warmer longer.

Managing heat with Space certified technology.

Trizar™ contains Emisshield® technology, which was originally developed by NASA to be used as a heat-shielding material on the shell of space ships.