Sizing Guide

Here at Forloh, We strive to bring you the very best in quality technical apparel. To ensure you're getting the best experience possible we're going to give you a breakdown on how to use our on page sizing guide and how to best select the fit right for you.

General Fit Guidance

Here at FORLOH we build our apparel systems based on our Tri-Layer system, base layers for next to skin, mid-layer insulation, and outerwear. If you intend to wear the Thermonuetral insulation products as your outerwear you might want to consider going up a size as these are designed for layering with the AllClima jackets when needed.

Size Guide & Fit Details

Every apparel item on our store has a seam reference that spans the item, along with measurments and a reference on what type of layering the product is meant for.

In the example above there is a note that reads as follows

'These pants are an Athletic Fit, so we would suggest sizing
up for the best comfort and fit.'

And for our example below you'll find find a note on our layering system in detail.