Careers at FORLOH

The FORLOH Mission

FORLOH is on a mission to design, source and manufacture world-class outdoor technical apparel right here in the USA.  A technology company, FORLOH over engineers every product, which is why every piece is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Whether you're hunting, fishing or adventuring the world over, people can trust FORLOH's gear in the most extreme of conditions. We recently sent a member of our test team to summit Denali in our 3L Rain system, just because......It thrived.  Next test, taking our down series to the North Pole.

Launched in July 2020, FORLOH has already won multiple industry awards thanks to our creative approach to technology, like using HVAC filter membranes in our protection system to make them even more breathable or working with NASA and GM to integrate proven technologies from other industries to make our products perform better than anything currently in the market. 

Core Values 

We do what we say and say what we do.  We don't pretend, or mislead consumers by claiming to be an American brand, but make our gear overseas. We ARE an American company and brand, making everything here in the USA.  


You'll be joining one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the US. This means we each have to roll up our sleeves and get things done.  We are definitely a team of do'ers at FORLOH, every employee has their role, but to achieve such stellar growth everyone goes beyond their day job to make amazing things happen. You'll be mentored and supported - each department is headed up by a manager with decades of experience in respective fields.  With such fast growth, there is room to growth within the company, and fast. 

So roll up your sleeves and contact us about any of the below positions. 

Open Positions 

Product Guide - Whitefish, MT

    If you'd like to chat it up sooner than later on general opportunities with FORLOH feel free to email us directly with your area of interest: