Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top
Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top
Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top
Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top
Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top
Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top

Men's Deep Space Half Zip Long Sleeve Top


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Warm, Dry and Scent Free

FORLOH’s award winning base layer top. Voted ‘Best in Hunting kit” by Outside Winter Buyer's Guide for 2022. This 4-way stretch half-zip base layer is the first way to improve performance during a hunt, thanks to world-class next-to-skin comfort and scent detection technologies with proven results for hunters.   

The most technically advanced  baselayer on the market, specifically for cold weather, featuring FORLOH’s flagship warming technology Trizar™, a NASA Certified Space Technology woven in every fiber of this shirt. Trizar™ technology is optimized to capture and re-radiate your body heat, keeping your core body temperature 2.0F warmer. It diffuses moisture caused by sweat to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. 

This award winning half-zip long sleeve cold weather top combines the best scent-control technologies available in the outdoor industry, to provide the most comprehensive odor protection in the hunting market, through an exclusive combination of Polygiene® Odor Crunch + Stays Fresh, these technologies tackle odors caused by bacteria coming off the body while simultaneously eliminating outside scents, helping eliminate detection caused by odor. For these reasons it is the ideal ‘next-to-skin’ base layer for multi-day hunting trips in the backcountry.

Proudly, 100% designed, sourced and made in America, FORLOH’s line of award winning base layers are the most advanced starting point for every outdoor performance layering system - like FORLOH’s Tri-Layer System


  • Enhanced warming and drying technology
  • Double Antimicrobial (Trizar™ & Polygiene®) with scent control caused by bacteria
  • Basalt treatment breaks-down everyday odors
  • UPF 100 for the ultimate in UV sun protection
  • 4-way stretch and full side zip seam construction for fitted mobility
  • 100% sourced and Made in America


  • Polyester/Spandex 87%/13%. Abrasion resistant, elastic, lightweight and strong
  • Trizar enhanced warming technology originally from NASA: keeps you dry and warmer for longer
  • Polygiene® Stay Fresh eliminates odors formed by bacteria
  • Polygiene® Odor Crunch eliminates foreign odors
  • Full side zip seam construction for engineered fitted mobility
  • Flat lock strength seams lay flat against skin
  • Full body 4way stretch
  • UPF 100 UV protection

 NOTE: Fits true to size. 

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"The made-in-America brand offers advanced technology intended to make hunting more comfortable and hunters more effective. And it pushes top-of-the-line manufacturing techniques usually dominated by Asian manufacturers into domestic factories."
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"New, breathable, waterproof and it’s made in America by a new company you’ve probably never heard of."
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“FORLOH is the newest member of the technical hunting apparel community.”
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"FORLOH is utilizing an impressive list of technologies in its garments."
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"Finally an American made brand for fishing and hunting."

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