FORLOH Branded Cutting Board
FORLOH Branded Cutting Board
FORLOH Branded Cutting Board
FORLOH Branded Cutting Board
FORLOH Branded Cutting Board
FORLOH Branded Cutting Board

FORLOH Branded Cutting Board


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Handcrafted by Veterans

Our FORLOH branded cutting boards are made entirely in the USA by Veterans and family members of military with great pride that shows in their work. These handcrafted boards are sure to meet all your expectations and more.

Our 1" boards are perfect for the kitchen or the barbecue. Whether chopping, cutting, slicing or dicing, these cutting boards won't let you down. Solid and durable, these boards have side handles for easy carrying and a juice tray to catch all of the juices from your freshly cooked meats. 

All our cutting boards are made using an assortment of fine hardwoods. We never use any stains or pigments, letting the natural colors of the wood shine through. This process makes each board truly unique and beautiful, with a mix of light and dark colors & woodgrains.

*Please note that all cutting boards are individually crafted. No two boards will be the same. 


Maintain your boards with a cutting board conditioner. Maintaining your cutting board weekly will help keep your cutting board looking nice for years to come. Our maintenance routine is as follows: Wash and scrub with warm water and mild detergent. Let your board air dry completely in an upright position. Apply Cutting Board Conditioner and buff off with a dry cloth. Use once a week to your dry board.

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