Wild Pursuits

Hunting, civilizations first commonality – is a disappearing act. Hunting is dying, in more ways than one. Over the last twenty years anything from precious landscapes, to favorable species, to hunters themselves are declining. That means conservation is as well. Hunters are the largest contributors and one of the biggest advocates for conservation. Without them, the longevity of these vital ecosystems could disappear.

The current challenges we face as hunters are testing our commitment to the sport. Throughout the years we’ve seen resources disappear, disease ravage our wildlife, and public lands become private in the snap of a finger. Now is the time to rise to these challenges, no matter what the magnitude; by being a leader with every hunt.

As hunters, we understand the culture and heritage that we represent. Our actions directly reflect back on other hunters and the sport as a whole. Here at FORLOH, we are committed to being stewards of the land. We believe in fair chase, acknowledging environmental stressors and rallying for resiliency and public lands. Through this stewardship, we are striving for richness and diversity of wildlife, protecting environments, where future generations of educated and skilled hunters will continue the legacy that we are creating here today.

We are preserving the past, by protecting the present, for the future of hunting.