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Where the Trail Ends the Journey Begins

FORLOH's category redefining gear and apparel allow modern hunters and anglers to push the limits of their sports, venture beyond the known into the unknown. FORLOH has teamed up with some of the most boundary-pushing, adventurous souls on the planet to produce its webisodic Wild Pursuits series during which they take the idea of a hunting and fishing trip to its extremes. 

The series also tackles some of the controversial issues and informative topics facing hunters and anglers today. It aims to break down the stereotypes often associated with hunting and educate those outside the sport on the importance of ethical, sustainable harvesting and the benefits of wild-sourced game. 

Join us on our next epic adventure! A new Wild Pursuits episode is set to go live each month. Bookmark this page and follow our team of pros and ambassadors as they combine climbing, biking, packcrafting and floatplanes to go deeper in pursuit of the wild.