We are all hunters. Whether for wild game, elusive fish, big waves, or powder stashes, the true reward of hunting is the adventure itself, meaningful time spent outdoors connecting with the natural world around us.

-  100% Made in America
-  First-to-Market with New Technologies
-  Our Products Allow You to Venture Beyond the Known into the Unknown
-  Lifetime Warranty, Satisfaction Guaranteed
-  The Voice of the Modern Hunter/Harvester

FORLOH was created with this adventurous spirit in mind, for those that believe the journey begins where the trail ends, who seek to venture beyond the known into the unknown.

The only problem: the technologies and apparel being used in the broader outdoor industry were simply not capable of withstanding the harsh environments in which FORLOH team members found themselves pushing the limits of sport. 

So FORLOH started by recruiting the best product designers in the outdoor industry, searched out the most durable waterproof, breathable fabrics on the planet, and then went beyond the typical technologies used by hunting/fishing brands to incorporate innovations from the auto industry, pillow manufacturers, and NASA. 

One final caveat: every part of the process, from the waterproof membranes down to the tiniest thread, had to be sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A. The result was not merely new products, but a new paradigm. 

The brand now stands ready as the trusted voice of today's modern hunter, sharing wild pursuits and the benefits of wild-sourced game, as well as championing important causes such as land/water conservation, growing participation in the sport and organizations that support our military veterans. 

Join the future of hunting!