RECCO Technology
The RECCO® reflector makes you searchable to the rescuers. RECCO® reflectors are lightweight passive transponders which require no power or activation to function. They consist of a diode and an antenna.
RECCO® reflectors are designed to last a lifetime and do not age or wear out. If not mechanically damaged they will last forever.
28 countries employ RECCO® handheld and SAR helicopter detectors for rescue operations.

The patented RECCO® technology is a two-part system, featuring an active detector, carried by the rescuer, and a passive reflector, carried by the user. 
How it works:
1. The RECCO® detector emits a directional radar signal, like the beam of a flashlight.
2. When the radar signal hits the RECCO® reflector, it is echoed back to the detector and points the rescuer in the direction of the victim.
3. The closer the detector gets to the reflector the stronger the returned-signal, ultimately allowing the rescuer to pinpoint the victim's location.

RECCO® SAR Helicopter Detector
The RECCO® SAR (search and rescue) helicopter detector can cover large areas fast. Searching from a height of 100 meters and covering a search area of approximately 100 meters wide, the SAR detector enables rescuers to search 1km² within 6 minutes. The principle of locating a victim is the same as for the handheld detector with the detector sending a radar signal echoed back by the RECCO® reflector. Upon receiving a returned signal, the rescuer can locate the lost individual.

Flying at a speed up to 60mph the detector scans the area beneath the helicopter with a corridor up to 100yards wide. The SAR helicopter detector can cover 1 mile² of forests, mountain terrain, rivers or shores within 6 minutes. The detector is designed to search in the outdoors as opposed to dense urban areas.