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FORLOH’s Tri-Layer System™

3 Layer systems are nothing new in the technical outdoor industry. Some companies started with wool baselayers, some started with puffy jackets and some even started with twill jackets - but none started with FORLOH’s Tri-Layer System, an integrated 3 piece layering system that is designed to work from the skin out, to regulate your body temperature, keep you dry and remain undetected by your prey.

1. Baselayer

FORLOH’s baselayer is like nothing else. Soft-touch, 4-ways stretch polyester is packed with technologies only available with FORLOH. Whether your goal is to keep you warm or keep you cool, we’ve got you covered.

Keeping you warm is as easy as calling up NASA, which; by the way; is what we did. We wanted America’s best technology, one that that has been tested to Earth’s extremes and beyond. Enter Trizar™, a certified space technology that captures your body heat and regulates your body’s temperature, keeping you noticeably warmer for longer.  Don’t worry about over-heating though, if your core temperature rises and you start to sweat, the material will wick moisture and associated heat away from your skin – regulating your core temperature.

Now lets add FORLOH’s Crypsis Technologies™, specifically designed to keep the hunter undetected. All our baselayers are exclusively treated with both Polygiene Stay Fresh™ and Odor Crunch™.  Together, these technologies will eliminate the smelly bacteria from sweat and foreign odors such as campfires, dogs, bug spray or whatever you cooked for breakfast that morning. 

2. Insulation

Until now, the problem hasn’t always been wicking moisture away from your body, its been specifically wicking moisture through the insulation layer.  We’ve all had the problem of sweat being trapped between the base layer and the down layer, making both layers wet, uncomfortable, potentially cold and ultimately smell. The traditional down layer doesn’t breathe nor wick sweat away from one’s body – until now.

FORLOH’s insulation layer is breathable, water resistant, tear resistant, and quick drying - then we added Crypsis Technologies™, scent control, silent zippers and soft nylon to reduce sound at close quarters.

The secret is FORLOH’s Perf-Weld™, a proprietary technology that perforates the sonic welds between the baffles allowing moisture vapor to escape (permeable) while not letting condensed moisture like rain back in – keeping your body dry, your temperature regulated, and eliminating the classic problem of excess heat and sweat being trapped making you cold and smell.

You’ve got to try it to believe it.

3. Protection

The final hurdle, how do you continue to wick moisture away from the body when traditional applications of DWR (the waterproofing treatment added to the jacket and pants) commonly blocks the structure of the fabric making the outer layer waterproof but ultimately reduces the breathability.

The answer is, don’t apply DWR in ways it has always been applied. FORLOH has exclusively partnered with Airadigm and using their microventing Pulse Plasma Technology™ which applies the DWR in a vacuum, drawing it through the fabric keeping the structure of the fabric intact.  It’s just as wind and waterproof, but now, it's just as breathable as before it was treated.  Not only that, it uses roughly about 1% of the traditional DWR volume making our protection layer soft, pliable and therefore much quieter than anything else on the market.