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It's true that FORLOH manufactures the most lightweight durable, waterproof/breathable products on the planet. But our brand is about far more than gear and apparel. 

We are proud to serve as a trusted voice for the modern hunter and harvester, helping to take on controversial issues and topics and advocate for change at the highest levels. 

To further facilitate this conversation, FURLOH has created an online community for hunteres and anglers to engage with the brand and each other, serving as both a forum and a way to get involved. Dubbed the FORLOH Family, even if we may not always agree with one another, we know we are stronger when we stand together. 

We encourage you to become part of the FORLOH Family and join in the conversation. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitters channels, and be sure to check out our latest videos on YouTube. 

For those looking to lead the conversation, FORLOH hand picks some of its followers at times to participate in its influencer program. This is the perfect opportunity to get a sneak peek of new technologies, test the latest gear/apparel and stay abreast of the brand's upcoming hunting/fishing trips and cause-based campaigns. Those interested in applying can sign up by submitting their email below. 

Thanks for your interest and welcome to the FORLOH Family.