It’s the little things on your outdoor adventures that can make all the difference with your comfort. Our AllClimaTM Collection was designed for comfort and engineered with advanced technologies for your protection. Available in three weights, it’s designed for all temperature conditions. Special features like RECCO® Search & Rescue Technology and waterproof, breathable Airadigm™ make our AllClima Collection your go-to outdoor apparel. 


Our AllClima 3L Jacket and AllClima Softshell Jacket both come equipped with RECCO® technology, which makes you searchable to professional rescuers when lost or injured and unable to move in the outdoors. Wearing gear equipped with RECCO® reflectors enables professional rescuers to locate you with RECCO® detectors. The technology is a two-part system, the detector sends out a directional radar signal like the beam of a flash light. Once the beam of the signal hits the RECCO® reflector the signal is echoed back and directs the rescuer to your location.


Our AllClima 3L Rain line features a revolutionary microventing pulse plasma technology, Airadigm™. It instantly repels water and wind from the outside but also releases body heat and sweat from the inside. You stay dry and balanced regardless of your activity level or the environmental conditions. 

Airadigm™ coats fabrics on a molecular level. That is, each individual fiber is coated with fluorocarbon ensuring a more open, porous membrane, higher air flow, and faster vapor transmission and ventilation.

3L Rain Pant

3L Rain Jacket with RECCO®

Stretch Woven Pant

Softshell Jacket with RECCO®

Airalite Pant

Airalite Jacket with RECCO®