Our AllClima 3L Rain clothing line features a revolutionary micro-venting pulse plasma technology, Airadigm. It instantly repels water and wind from the outside but also releases body heat and sweat from the inside. You stay dry and balanced regardless of your activity level or the environmental conditions.

AIRADIGM™ coats fabrics on a molecular level. That is, each individual fiber is coated with fluorocarbon ensuring a more open, porous membrane, higher air flow, and faster vapor transmission and ventilation.

  • Shattering Today’s Breathability and Air Permeability Standards: AIRADIGM™’s proprietary membrane and pulse plasma treated fabrics allow up to 100% more air flow.
  • Truly Waterproof: fluorocarbon molecules are added layer-by-layer to the fabric and membrane fibers. These molecules react against water’s surface tension preventing penetration through it.
  • Wind Repellant to its Core: the complexity of our 3-layered, engineered fabrics creates a tortuous path for wind, effectively blocking the wind from penetrating the membrane.
  • The Science of Durability: our technology is applied using proprietary equipment, encapsulating and protecting the fabrics from the fiber on up. This unique application improves the performance over the lifetime of the garment and extends the overall life of the fabric.


AllClima 3L Rain Jacket

Airalite 3L Rain Pant

AllClima Softshell Jacket

AllClima Stretch Woven Pant