Willie Robertson and Andy Techmanski at FORLOH factory

Made in America: Willie Robertson Visits FORLOH Factories With Andy Techmanski

The journey to a fully operational U.S supply chain has been a significant achievement for FORLOH, as it required investments in new machinery, key partnerships with factory owners, the implementation of new technologies, and training new staff.

The company's CEO, Andy Techmanski, stated, "Bringing technical apparel manufacturing back to the US has been an uphill climb five years in the making. FORLOH had to invest in new machinery that didn’t exist here anymore, partner with the right factories who could see the vision for American-made goods, all while also helping train and upskill workers to make the premium outdoor gear that can withstand the elements."

Willie Robertson's Tour of FORLOH Factories

The factory tour provided an opportunity for Willie Robertson to experience the brand's dedication to "Made in America" first-hand. "Andy is a patriotic American like myself who believes in creating jobs right here at home. Seeing the facilities first-hand was quite eye-opening because you can the difference FORLOH is making in the lives of these workers," he said.

Willie Robertson and Andy Techmanski with workers at FORLOH factory

The tour offered a behind-the-scenes look at one of the factory's prototyping, cutting, sewing, seam taping, and bonding processes, all within close proximity of each other. This set-up highlights the brand's efficiency and attention to detail, which are crucial in producing high-performance outdoor apparel.

Andy Techmanski's Take On American-Made Goods

FORLOH founder Andy commented on the importance of buying American made goods, "People don't realize the incredible impact it has when you purchase American made goods. For every dollar spent on U.S. manufacturing, there is an economic return of one dollar and 89 cents, as opposed to when one dollar is spent on imports; only 55 cents stays in the U.S."

Willie Robertson and Andy Techmanski at FORLOH factory tour

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson teamed up with FORLOH in 2022. The 50-year-old television personality explained that he decided to work with FORLOH largely because of the company's commitment to its Made in America mission. "That's really what drew me in," the Duck Commander CEO said.

Techmanski recalled that the two were first introduced by a rifle manufacturer who made guns that they both own. "As soon as Willie learned that everything was made in America and that we were trying to push the envelope on technology and fabrics and everything else, and supporting a supply chain of 3,000 workers, I think it easily became a good fit," he said.

Mission: Made in the USA

Robertson acknowledged that the cost of making products in America is often a deterrent for companies. However, he believes that the supply chain crisis that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of making products in the United States.

Willie Robertson and Andy Techmanski meeting with worker at FORLOH factory

"We just saw there's a lot of issues and problems trying to get products into this country," Willie said. "And so I think the timing's perfect. I think people are more aware of that now. And I think they'll make that decision, knowing that you're wearing something that's supporting American workers, that should win the day."

The brand's journey to a 100% Made in the USA supply chain has been a significant achievement, and Andy reflects on his original vision, "The mission was always to build jobs in the U.S and prove to the industry that hey, we can do it as good or better than the import market can, by building this technical hunting gear and outdoor apparel here."

In July 2023, FORLOH will celebrate its third year anniversary with a month-long "Made in America" campaign as part of honoring the 4th of July holiday and our Nation's independence. Help support our independence and strengthen our economy by choosing American made goods this July.