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How To Choose The Right Hunting Pack Size

When it comes to hunting, you want to ensure that you are prepared with the proper equipment to make your trip both safe and enjoyable. This means you should choose a suitable hunting pack that will fit all of your essential materials.

This guide will teach you how to choose the most efficient hunting pack size that meets the needs of your trip.

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Why Is Hunting Pack Size Important?

Your hunting pack size is important because the correct size hunting pack will hold all of your needed materials safely and securely.

If your hunting pack is too small, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to fit all of your gear. This could cause your materials to fall out of the pack when you reach in to grab what you need.

On the contrary, a hunting pack that is too big can be bulky, heavy, and fit uncomfortably on your back, which will ultimately lead to an unpleasant experience.

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How Is Hunting Pack Size Measured?

The size of hunting packs is measured from 1,800 cubic inches to 8,000 cubic inches. For short hunts, it is not recommended to bring anything over 2,000 cubic inches as you will not need to bring the amount of gear you would need for a longer hike.

For trips that last a few days, a middle range of 3,000 to 5,000 inches is ideal. 8,000 cubic inches is only necessary in the event you stay on your hunting trip for an extended period of time.

3 Types of Pack Size

When it comes to pack size, there are three different categories that will affect your hunt. This includes Day Packs, Multi-Day Packs, and Expedition Packs.

Day Packs

Day packs are perfect for those going hunting on day or overnight trips. They will fit your basic essential gear such as food, water, binoculars, a rope, a knife, ammo, and a bivvy kit. Day packs are between 1200 cubic inches to 3000 cubic inches. If you’re staying any longer than one night, it is best to opt for a day pack that is larger in size.

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At FORLOH, we offer a versatile day pack called The One Pack. This pack is made from military-grade 210d ripstop nylon, a one-piece shoulder strap design made of memory foam, a back panel, adjustable straps, a tubular webbed top loading handle, and a variety of other features that will keep all of your hunting materials secure.

Multi-Day Packs

Multi-day packs are the most useful for trips that are any longer than one night to a week. These packs range between 3000 cubic inches to 4500 cubic inches.

Smaller-size multi-day packs will fit your necessities for up to 4 days. After that, it’s in your best interest to go up to a size that ranges between 4500 ci to 5000 ci so all your hunting gear, food, and other camping supplies fit.

The one exception to this is if you are planning to resupply after a few days. In this case, a smaller size pack could work well.

FORLOH Method Pack

If you’re looking for a high-quality multi-day pack, we offer the Method Pack here at FORLOH. This hunting pack is made to withstand heavy equipment. It comes in an Ultralight 3x3 “boxer” frame along with 6 independent carbon fiber stays. This pack is also fully-adjustable with RECCO® search and rescue technology and a variety of other advanced features that will fit all of your hunting supplies.

Expedition Packs

Expedition packs are suitable for hunting trips that last 10 to 14 days. These packs are 5000 ci or higher, making them extremely spacious and able to hold all of the food, equipment, and any precautionary supplies you may need.

Expedition packs are great for longer trips because they will hold enough materials to last you throughout the week. They will also supply larger materials such as crossbows and hunting rifles.

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That said, expedition packs are very bulky and heavy, so they are not recommended for any trips under 10 days.

How Much Should My Hunting Pack Weigh?

Your hunting pack should weigh 20 percent or less than your body weight. Generally, 35 to 40 pounds is the average amount. Any heavier will put strain on your body, make it difficult to walk, and can ruin your hiking experience overall.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hunting Pack

When it comes to your hunting pack, the type of hunt also plays a role in the size and material you should get.


Cordura nylon, nylon packcloth, fleece, microfleece, X-Pac laminate, and Spectra X-Grid are the most common materials used for hunting packs.
Fleece and microfleece packs are most suitable for shorter trips that have little risk of rainfall, as fleece is not water-resistant. Cordura nylon and nylon packcloth hunting packs are able to handle light amounts of rain, but should not be brought on long trips where heavy storms could occur.

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X-Pac laminate and Spectra X-Grid are some of the most durable materials for hunting packs and are completely waterproof. This makes them most efficient for several-day trips or expeditions. What makes FORLOH unique is that we use PU-coated fabric for our hunting packs. This material is durable, lightweight, and water-resistant, making it perfect for all outdoor excursions.


When it comes to size, you want to think about how much equipment your hunt will require and the type of animal you will be hunting.

Backcountry hunting requires much more equipment than recreational hunting. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for a multi-day pack or expedition pack, so you will be prepared each day of your trip.

Multi-day packs or expedition packs are also best when hunting for big animals like elk and deer because you will need to bring more equipment. It will also make it easier to carry these large animals after the kill.

Smaller animals like ducks and squirrels are much easier to transport, so you could get by with a smaller pack.

Another tip is to find a hunting pack that allows you to strap the meat between your bag and frame. This way, you don’t need to drag the meat and carry your pack at the same time while hiking through the wilderness.

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