FORLOH Launches First-to Market Brrr Pro Cooling Technology

FORLOH Launches First-to Market Brrr Pro Cooling Technology

By Mary-Cathryn Kolb, Founder & CEO of brrr°

A few years ago when we began developing our most advanced cooling fabric technology yet, we had a certain type of customer in mind — someone who was innovative, technical and into the science behind performance apparel.

In our early conversations with FORLOH, we knew right away that they would be a great partner to introduce our new performance grade cooling fabric: brrr° Pro.

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We were excited to debut brrr° Pro with the FORLOH SolAir collection of clothing that’s designed to keep people cool and comfortable when they are hiking, hunting, fishing or simply spending time in the great outdoors. FORLOH was the first-to-market with brrr° Pro technology, which you can feel the moment the fabric touches your skin.

FORLOH’s SolAir line features hyper-wicking and ultimate UPF sun protection, along with anti-microbial and scent control for technologically advanced outdoor apparel.

Building on our Triple Chill Effect® technology, brrr° Pro uses the power of micro cooling minerals to intensify the cooling sensation in the enhanced cooling fibers. The cooling minerals work alongside hyper wicking and performance drying to create our coolest fabric yet. 

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brrr° Pro instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from your skin, and helps keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable all day long.


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In wicking and drying tests, brrr° Pro outperformed competing products and dried in a fraction of the time.

In independent third party lab tests, brrr° Pro consistently outperforms other brands. brrr° Pro Polyester scored 0.194 in Qmax testing, which measures the cool-to-the-touch sensation of fabrics. That Qmax score for brrr° Pro was 81% better than the 0.107 score of another brand of cooling fabric and 53% better than the score for a comparable performance polyester fabric.

Developed for the athletic and fitness markets, brrr° Pro helps keep active people cool and dry so they can perform their best in all their activities.

brrr° holds a provisional patent for brrr° Pro, which was under development for more than three years. brrr° experimented with dozens of formulas that were tested on more than 1,000 kgs of yarn before choosing the best combination for brrr° Pro Polyester.

We are proud to work alongside FORLOH as they create revolutionary technical apparel made with advanced cooling technology so people can stay cool and comfortable in all their activities.

 About the Author: Mary-Cathryn Kolb is the Founder & CEO of cooling fabric innovator brrr°, which uses patented natural mineral technology to draw heat and moisture away from your skin. She started brrr° in 2014 after more than 15 years in leadership positions at apparel brands including SPANX, Seven7 Jeans and TOMS Shoes. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and three daughters, and loves to play pickleball, tennis and spend as much time near water as possible. 

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