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Cooling Clothing: How to Beat the Heat Outdoors

Whether you work outside, enjoy exercising outdoors, or just want to stay comfortable in the heat, cooling clothing can help you defy the elements. Cooling technology clothing can not only help keep you cool but also wick moisture away from your body and protect your skin from the blazing sun.

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How Does Cooling Clothing Work?

The fabric of cooling clothing wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly to help regulate body temperature. It is also lighter and more breathable than traditional fabrics.

Part of FORLOH’s SolAir warm weather clothing line, Brrr® Pro is the technology used to treat the fabric to keep you cool.

Brrr® Pro brings three unique and proven cooling effects to FORLOH cooling technology clothing:

  1. Cooling minerals directly built into the fibers of the clothing that immediately reduce the surface temperature by up to 3.5℉
  2. Active moisture-wicking that moves moisture away from the skin
  3. The fastest performance drying on the market

How Does Wicking Help You Stay Cool?

Moisture-wicking fabric moves sweat and moisture to the outer layer of the fabric and dries quickly so that your clothes do not become wet and cling to your skin. The evaporation of sweat and moisture helps you cool down.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is most commonly used for moisture-wicking clothing, as it is lightweight and durable, but the key is that the fibers allow for micro “voids” to be created that promote cooling. The fibers can also be connected in a way that allows for the dispersion of heat and sweat.

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What To Look For When Buying Cooling Clothing for Extreme Heat

The ideal cooling clothing for extreme heat should be more than just light or breathable. It also needs to protect you from the sun and help you regulate your body temperature in intense heat.

Here are some qualities to look for:

  • Cooling fabric technology: What is in the fibers of the clothing and how the fibers are connected matters because those features create clothing that is already a few degrees cooler than traditional clothing.
  • Moisture-wicking: You may see fabric that is referred to as “breathable,” but this only means that air can escape through the material, while moisture-wicking fabrics actively pull moisture and sweat from your body and dry quickly.
  • UPF: Protecting your skin from the sun is absolutely essential when out in extreme heat, and cooling clothing with an ultraviolet protection factor of 30+ helps keep you safe.

The Best Cooling Clothing for Outdoors

FORLOH has the perfect gear for every hot weather activity, from fishing to hiking to hunting, and it’s proven to keep you cooler. Our warm weather clothing is powered by Brrr® Pro technology for a fresh, crisp experience. From women’s to men’s outdoor clothing, UPF shirts, and long-sleeve shirts that keep you cool in the heat, you’ll be sure to find essentials for all your adventures.


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