Celebrating American Workers this Labor Day: BY THE NUMBERS

Celebrating American Workers this Labor Day: BY THE NUMBERS

THANK YOU to all our customers who have bought made in America items from FORLOH. For those of you who haven’t yet - apart from it being world-class outdoor apparel featuring the latest hunting technologies - you can feel proud to be driving innovation, creating millions of jobs and opportunities for growth for all within the job market. But how?

The phrase “Made in the USA” is more than just a slogan. It represents the manufacturing capability of the country. And according to Standard Textile, US manufacturing drives more innovation than any other sector in the country. Quality manufacturing using advanced technologies like FORLOH’s AiradigmTM Pulse Plasma Technology, which affects the overall economy and gives US companies a competitive edge.

Advanced manufacturing in the US is responsible for more than 75% of all private sector R&D, which drives more innovation, like FORLOH’s Perf-WeldTM. These innovations, in turn, create new high paying manufacturing jobs, with an average of $26 per hour. Overall, US manufacturing employs 8.5% of the workforce with a total of 12.5 million people which include jobs for workers without college degrees.

The benefits don’t stop with manufacturing jobs however. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAN) says the total multiplier effect for manufacturing is $3.60 for every $1.00 of value-added output. It goes on to say one manufacturing employee generates another 3.4 workers elsewhere. So buying made in America has a ripple effect across the country, building business growth in other supporting sectors, including retail, transportation, and business services.

While the economic numbers don’t lie, we want to think more about how it affects the PEOPLE in America. Buying made in America has huge impacts on our neighbors and family members. From $1 to $24 in a couple of conscious purchases vs. $0.17 when we don’t buy Made in America.