Deep Space Neckgaitor

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Deep Space Neckgaitor is designed for comfort, warmth and versatility with the high tech deep space fabric. Trizar™, a NASA Certified Space Technology woven into every fiber of this garment before it is constructed. Trizar captures body heat inside the garment and re-radiates it back to the user, keeping you warmer. Trizar also diffuses moisture, moving perspiration out of the garment to keep you dry and comfortable. The Deep Space Neckgaitor delivers scent control through an exclusive combination of Polygiene Odor Crunch + Stays Fresh, offering the most comprehensive odor protection on the market. This combination tackles odors caused by bacteria coming off the body while simultaneously eliminating outside odors, such as campfire smoke, to help you go undetected. Wear it around your neck or pulled over your nose for the coldest days. The neckgaitor has full 4 way stretch to go over your head when maximum concealment is needed. Made multiple colors to match your full kit. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Double anti-microbial - That's right we doubled down on to control the scent caused by perspiration. Trizar's zinc elements that are built into the fibers of the garment and Polygiene's treatment to the finished fabric double up to eliminate anti-microbial smell. 
  • OdorCrunch technology assimilates foreign scents that have attached to the fibers of the garment within minutes, leaving you scent free all day long.
  • Extreme moisture wicking and quick drying fabric technology
  • One Size fits All

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