The Speedgoat Blade: FORLOH Edition

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The Speedgoat blades are made from 52100 high carbon ball bearing steel. The cryogenically heat-treated blades provide a perfect balance of toughness and edge retention. Additionally, the blades have been parkerized to a black finish which will help minimize rust and glare. 

The Speedgoat is light enough to pack on a goat hunt but durable and large enough to completely field-dress an elk. The thin knife blade not only makes the knife light but also makes re-sharpening easy. The 550 paracord wrapped handle will provide a great grip and reduce hand fatigue found in similar ultralight blades. This isn't just another knife but instead, it's a part of your essential backcountry gear. 

Once the razor edge has been lost it can be easily sharpened with a small stone. Unlike other knives, the Speedgoat's edge can be maintained by even novice knife owners. 52100 is not stainless. After use clean the blade and occasionally apply a little wax or oil.

Each Speedgoat comes with a custom MKC Kydex sheath 100% MADE IN THE USA. The sheaths come with a built in retention screw so you can customize how much tension you would like on the blade.



  • 7 3/4" Overall length
  • 3 3/4" Blade length
  • Ultrathin 0.095 Blade thickness
  • Ultralight 1.9 ounces
  • 100% USA made - Frenchtown Montana
  • Hand finished by Master Bladesmith Josh Smith
  • 52100 Carbon steel "Ball bearing/tool strength steel"
  • Highest rated steel for holding an edge
  • Parkerized black finish - Minimize glare and rust 
  • Oil and cryogenic quenched @ -320F
  • Laser etched FORLOH/MKC logo
  • USA made paracord wrapped handle
  • 550 Paracord (550lb weight rating) 
  • 9+ feet of cord for emergency use
  • MKC exclusive Kydex locktight sheath
  • Meant for external carry for easy accessbility
  • Ultralight sheath at less than 2 ounces
  • Retention screw for custom lock
  • Removable MKC pack/belt clip
  • Made to be customizable vertical/horizontal
  • Blades available in three handle colors


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