For hunters around the world, trust is important. Trust in your yourself and your gear. FORLOH’s American Made technical hunting gear has won multiple national awards since launch and have gain the trust of our customers the world over. Below is just a small selection of our test teams favorite items for men, women and children. Gift the best this holiday season, with FORLOH’s award winning hunting gear.

3L Rain Jacket with RECCO®


Thermoneutral Down Jacket


Deep Space Baselayer Crew


Women's Thermoneutral Down Vest


Women's 3L Rain Jacket with RECCO®


Insect Shield® UPF Hooded Longsleeve Shirt


AllClima Stretch Woven Pant


Youth Deep Space Baselayer Pant


Deep Space Baselayer Pant


Youth Thermoneutral Down Pant


AllClima Softshell Beanie


Technical Hunting Belt


Puff Embroidered Camo Mesh Cap


Speedgoat Blade FOLOH Edition