FORLOH Leather Cartridge Wallet
FORLOH Leather Cartridge Wallet
FORLOH Leather Cartridge Wallet

FORLOH Leather Cartridge Wallet


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Carry some extra shells on your belt or in your pack!

These hand-stitched leather cartridge wallets hold your shells tight so they don't rattle around. The lid doubles as the belt loop, so when you unsnap it the pouch can be easily removed from your belt for easier handling. The rifle pouch has a unique two-snap system so it can hold different length cartridges securely, meaning you can use the same pouch to hold six 30-30 or 35 Remington shells, five 45-70 or 30-06 type shells! This pouch will securely hold anything from .222 Rem up to 35 Whelen, however magnum length shells (7mm Rem Mag, etc.) may not fit.


  • Holds 6 30-30 or smaller sized shells or 5 45-70, .308, 30/06, Magnum, etc. sized shells
  • 7 oz Top Grain Leather construction
  • Fits up to 2 1/4" belts
  • Snap closure - two snap adjustable depending on cartridge length
  • Saddle stitched by hand with Ritza Tiger thread
  • Handmade in the USA!

    Use & Care:

    • Cartridge Wallets require minimal upkeep. They are pre-finished using Fiebing’s Mink Oil Paste.
    • If needed, gently wipe away dirt/debris using a clean, soft cloth, a cotton sock works well.
    • Once or twice a year, a light coat of Fiebing’s Mink Oil paste may be applied.
    • Do not use in the rain or wet conditions.
    • Do not store cartridges in cartridge wallet long term. This may cause oxidation of the cartridges themselves.

    As Seen In

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    "The made-in-America brand offers advanced technology intended to make hunting more comfortable and hunters more effective. And it pushes top-of-the-line manufacturing techniques usually dominated by Asian manufacturers into domestic factories."
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    "New, breathable, waterproof and it’s made in America by a new company you’ve probably never heard of."
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    “FORLOH is the newest member of the technical hunting apparel community.”
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    "FORLOH is utilizing an impressive list of technologies in its garments."
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    "Finally an American made brand for fishing and hunting."

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