Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH
Method CXLite Frame - FORLOH

Method CXLite Frame


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The Strongest, Lightest, & Most Dynamic Frame on the Market

The fully-adjustable, fully-customizable, integrated suspension system plus frame is the foundation of the sophisticated Method pack system. The CXLite Frame can be paired with the pack and dry bag joined together, or used alone via its stowable tuck-away shelf to carry-out harvested loads. Its unique lightweight six carbon fiber stay configuration is scientifically engineered to hold extreme weight at unparalleled strength. The unmatched mobility of the 3x3 ‘modified box’ style carbon fiber stay frame design can be immediately felt while active and mobile; it keeps the pack on the frame, and the frame on your back, no matter the weight. No more weight shifts in side-to-side movement or annoying carbon fiber frame squeaking, means you can move quickly and quietly from day one, with the utmost comfort and mobility. 

The game shelf tucks away flat and has dozens of attachment points, so you can pack out your meat, cape, moose paddles or fit our 1600in3/26L dry bag securely without slippage or movement. The adjustable, air-spaced mesh hip belt comes in a standard 34”’ orientation, but can be reduced down to 28” or increased to 44'' by simply accessing the broad velcro hook and loop fitted under the padded section at the small of your back. Reverse hip belt cinch guides also allow the wearer to easily and efficiently cinch the waist as tight as they want, even on the fly. 

The hipbelt alone has multiple waterproof utility storage pockets for phones, GPS or range finders, secured with YKK Aquaguard® Zippers and the ultra-quiet, waterproof TPU-coated ripstop nylon fabric. Right and left-handed holster loops (closed and open attachments) give the wearer added security to quickly and quietly access their side arm or bear spray. Robust, fully adjustable shoulder harnesses use ultra-strong G Hooks (not velcro) and lightweight ¾ inch torso straps fit most sizes and can be undone quickly and quietly.


  • Ultralight 3x3 “boxer” frame with 6 independent carbon fiber stays for added stability
  • Fully adjustable, quadruple density foam hip belt and suspension shoulder straps
  • RECCO® search and rescue technology
  • Easy-access pouches and snaps
  • Stowable, fold out utility shelf or extension sling
  • Air mesh shoulder and waist padding for exceptional breathability
  • 3 customizable toros length adjustment points 
  • Dual bino and sling attachment points
  • Lightweight ¾ inch webbing
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Weight: 3lbs/ 12oz
  • Volume 90 cu in/ 1.5 liters
  • Carry handle rated at +200lbs

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